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Submission for Zine - DIY whores

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August 21st, 2005

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07:45 pm - Submission for Zine
This is on this comm. because...er, I'm crafting a zine.

While gathering ideas for a personal zine, I suddenly came upon an idea to make a zine compiled of input from other people. All based on this:

Describe your first kiss.

If you don’t remember your first-first kiss, you can describe the first one you remember. You can even just describe the first kiss that was memorable. You can submit more than one—the first kiss that ended up being pretty bad and the first one that meant something. I’m looking for a variety: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Or the just plain silly. Setting, mood, description—all lovely. If you’re uncomfortable with having your name attached, you can ask to be anonymous. All my comments are screened too.

To the never-been-kissed (translation: like you’re me): Where would you like you first kiss to be? What would it be like?
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