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April 21st, 2005

08:41 pm
hey lovelys..i got a sudden urge to make a killer shirt...can someone send me a learning site..for like sewing it and what not...i will love you forever..and ever XDDDDDDD ♥

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April 18th, 2005

10:55 pm


01. take the image you want and put it into a photo editor.

02. see if your photo-editing program has a "mirror" option. if it does, which most should, click that and it will flip the image around so that it will show up the right way on the shirt. if it doesn't have mirror, then you'll have to find some other option that will completely flip the image around. NOT upside down (i've done that) or sideways (done that too). i'm sure you guys are smart enough to figure out how to mirror an image.

03. print out the reversed image onto iron-on paper. MAKE SURE YOU PUT THE PAPER THE RIGHT WAY IN THE PRINTER. i've forgotten to do that many times. and it sucks cause iron-on paper is expensive and it wasted an entire sheet. annoying.

04. make sure that BEFORE you iron the iron-on on to the shirt, the shirt has already been washed. otherwise, it won't stick as well. and make sure that it will be readable/it is facing the right way before you iron it on. it's one thing to screw up a piece of iron-on paper, but it sucks even worse to fuck up a shirt.

05. DON'T USE A STEAM SETTING TO IRON ON THE IRON-ON. it makes it wet and the backing paper is harder to get off.

06. make sure you iron it long enough before pulling the backing paper off. otherwise, some of the iron-on will peel off, or the edges will be visible because they won't have been heated enough to adhere to the shirt.

07. don't wash the shirt for at least 3 days after ironing the iron-on on. if you do, it will fade faster.


hope i helped!

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10:14 pm
righty-oh...since i have no life and just bought iron-on paper..i wanted to make patches..BUT the iron-on paper didnt work cough my first time using it cough ahah...so i just made patches from the fabric stuff and i painted it ahah

_____ is my homeboyCollapse )

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April 17th, 2005

02:19 pm - I just joined
I just joined so I thought I'd post a picture of a scarf I finished a few months ago. It was my first attempt at trying ribbing and color changing, so I think it turned out decently.

Green and yellow go so well together.Collapse )

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12:58 pm - On iron-on designs...
Could quite possibly be a very stupid question: I hear that iron-on designs will come off the shirt after a while of wear n' wash. Do you simply need to turn it inside out in the washing machine to stop that?
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12:38 am

one could call me obsessed...Collapse )

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April 16th, 2005

08:21 pm - Paint +Vinyl
Question: What kind of fabric paint adhears best to viynl/faux leather? I want to put a stencil of Frank Iero on my guitar bag, but I don't want to paint something and have it not dry correctly...
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April 14th, 2005

08:15 pm
oh! i made aNOTHER shirt!

go me.

i truly am a DIY whore.Collapse )
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05:21 pm
Hey im new ::waves::Collapse )

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03:44 pm - Stencil Question and DIY Tee
Hey peeps, I'm new here (who isn't? lol) and I have a question+a diy tee.

How exactly do you make stencils with pictures you get offline a such? I see people use them and thier diy stuff always looks so great.

Also, I made a tee-shirt about a week ago.
The Dresden Dolls TeeCollapse )
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